Everything you need to know about lash extensions

Lash extensions are not just for celebrities anymore, today everyone is taking advantage of this simple beauty hack! Lash extensions allow you to wake up looking glam, cutting your morning routine down significantly. They are perfect for vacations (hello, who wants mascara running down their face after they hop out of the pool?) or justRead More

Chemical Peel Myths Part 2

Myth #4 If you don’t feel it, it’s not working Everyone’s skin is different, some will feel a lot of activity when the solution is applied while others will feel nothing. Sensation is not an indicator of the product working but rather how your skin uniquely responds to the peel solution. The amount of visibleRead More

Chemical Peel Myths Part 1

Chemical Peel Myths Part 1

Myth #1 My skin is too sensitive for peels Firstly, most people who think they have sensitive skin are really dealing with sensitized or reactive skin meaning their skins natural barrier has been compromised. This can happen from using products that are not pH balanced, using the wrong products for your skin type, sunburns andRead More

Why You Aren’t Seeing Results

You come in for regular facials every month like clockwork but you still aren’t seeing results, what gives? It’s probably the products that you are using daily holding you back from achieving the skin of your dreams. Attaining beautiful skin is just like trying to get your body in shape, you could be seeing aRead More

Does Bar Soap Damage Your Skin? Spoiler Alert: Yes It Does

It’s inexpensive, your grandma swears by it, your dermatologist recommends it, and it is one of the worst things you can use on your skin. Yes, bar soap has been used to clean the skin for hundreds of years, but if you are still using this age old cleanser it is time for an upgrade.Read More


Today I had my First profesional FÁCIAL ever & I Loved it!


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