Natalie Lashes

Natalie Nunn is a reality TV Star, known for being a castmate on several shows including Celebrity Big Brother, Love Games, and Marriage Boot Camp (just to name a few). Her first appearance was on The Bad Girls Club. Originally Oxygen’s Bad Girl, she has since then gotten married, had a daughter, and started her own business!

The Natalie Lash Collection started this year and has been taking the beauty world by storm. The line officially has two collections and are fabulously reusable up to 30x. As of right now there are 7 different lashes and each lash has been selling like crazy. The first collection featured 3 mink lashes: The Mistress Lash, The Wifey Lash, and the Girlfriend Lash. The second collection which is the newest collection: The Boss Bitch Lash, The I Run LA Lash, and the Bad Girl Lash. There is one limited edition top and bottom lash out for drag queens in the “Drag-Tastic Line”. These limited edition lashes are made for all genders who strive to look bossy and extravagant.

Aesthetic Envy will be carrying: The Boss Bitch, Mistress, Girlfriend, and Wifey lashes.