Liposuction is simply sucking out external fat. However, the art of body contouring is much more involved. Each patient’s anatomy varies and the surgeon has to keep this in mind. Here at Aesthetic Envy we work with your anatomy to bring the best results possible for you. We won’t show you a lot of photos telling you this is how you will look, instead we show you how you will look after the procedure is complete for you. We do all of this work under local anesthesia and a little sedation.

What is it?

Liposuction, better known as lipo, is a type of cosmetic procedure which breaks down fat cell and removes them from the body. Many people undergo lipo in order to reshape or enhance their body. Specific areas may have more fat deposits resulting in an undesirable look. This procedure allows us to target those problem areas.

Liposuction is not a weight loss method, nor a treatment for obesity. The goal for lipo is aesthetic and for those looking to improve their body’s contour.


Mainly done for cosmetic purposes, lipo can sometime treat medical conditions including

  • Gynecomastia: fat accumulated in a man’s breast
  • Lipodystrophy syndrome: fat accumulated in one part of the body and lost in another
  • Lipomas: benign, fatty tumors
  • Lymphedema: chronic condition where tissues are filled with excess fluid, causing swelling


Once your consultation is completed, your medical history has been reviewed, and you are cleared to move forward, you will go ahead and schedule your pre-op and surgery. At pre-op, you will meet with your doctor to go over you medical history and expectations. You will also go over the areas you are looking to have done. At this time will get all of your questions answered, go over instructions, and be given prescriptions. The day of your surgery, you will be given a local anesthetic. Canualas (small blunt tipped tubes) will be inserted through tiny incisions. The cannulas will go beneath the skin in order to suction out deposits of fat. You may experience numbing, swelling, and/or bruising in the targeted areas.


There are some risks associated with liposuction. Some include infection, numbness, and scarring. In the case that too much fast is removed, the skin may seen lumpy or dented. Although this procedure permanently rids the body of fat cells, if the patient does not promote a healthy lifestyle, then there is a risk that the remaining fat cells will grow bigger.