We treat ALL shades, sizes on 95% of the body, our state of the art equipment is design to treat ALL colors.

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Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal

Aesthetic Envy provides superior advanced laser tattoo removal for patients interested in renewing their skin through the removal of unwanted ink, of all colors! This innovative procedure utilizes advanced laser technology to safely and effectively shatter ink in the fewest number of treatments virtually pain-free.

A laser sends wavelengths of light energy safely through the skin and selectively targets trapped ink particles. Those ink particles absorb the light energy and shatter into tiny fragmented particles that are naturally disposed of by your body’s immune system.

What is it?

Our Technology

The Astanza Trinity

Aesthetic Envy has invested in the Astanza Trinity laser to deliver high-quality laser tattoo removal treatments and fast results to all of our patients, no matter their tattoo or skin type. Our groundbreaking technology is the latest, most advanced triple-wavelength laser in the industry.

The Astanza Trinity combines the power of two standalone lasers: the Astanza Duality, a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser, and the Astanza Eternity, a Q-switched ruby laser. Together, these lasers create the Astanza Trinity, a multi-wavelength laser that delivers full-spectrum tattoo removal on all skin types and all tattoo colors.

One of the biggest problems many patients and other laser tattoo removal providers run into is the treatment of colorful tattoos – specifically tattoos that contain bright blue and green pigments. These colorful pigments are considered stubborn and difficult to treat because they require a specific wavelength to be removed successfully. Laser tattoo removal is only effective when light energy is absorbed by ink pigment. Different wavelengths are absorbed by specific groups of ink pigments. Therefore, the more wavelengths a laser has, the more colors it can treat.

Our Astanza Trinity uses three versatile wavelengths, 1064 nm, 532 nm, and 694 nm, to target and shatter every tattoo color, ensuring all tattoos be removed to completion. Our 1064 nm wavelength targets pigments like black, violet, and dark blues. Our 532 nm wavelength targets warm pigments like red, orange, and yellows. And our 694 nm ruby wavelength targets “resistant” vibrant blue and green hues. Combined, these three wavelengths work together to tackle and eliminate all multicolored tattoos.

In addition to the Trinity’s full-spectrum coverage, this laser also produces higher pulse energies and ultra-quick pulse durations, generating impressive peak power for optimal ink shattering and faster ink clearance with each treatment session.

The Zimmer Cryo

Aesthetic Envy has added the Zimmer Cryo cooling machine to our patient-focused clinic. Your comfort and care matter most to us which is why we have invested in this cutting-edge skin numbing solution. The Zimmer Cryo cooling machine helps alleviate all worries associated with laser pain.

Unlike ice packs, skin numbing creams, and lidocaine injections, the Zimmer Cryo provides fast, noninvasive, and lasting skin numbing throughout your treatment. This cooling device blows freezing cold air (-30º C) at the treatment site before, during, and after your treatment session, providing maximum comfort and mitigating any pain.

The Zimmer Cryo acts similarly to a leaf blower and comes with an adjustable hose and precision tip for smaller treatment areas. The best feature about this cooling device is that you have the option to direct the air flow! Our laser practitioners are more than happy to hand you the cooling hose, giving you full control over the air flow and your comfort.

Our Sacramento office is very excited to deliver the best technology throughout the area. To experience the Trinity and Zimmer Cryo for yourself, call our office today and schedule a free consultation!


  • Removes ALL ink colors
  • Safe for ALL skin types
  • Generates faster removal results


During a treatment, one of our talented laser practitioners will determine the safest laser protocols to treat your unique tattoo and skin type. Our advanced Astanza Trinity laser then sends super short and quick pulses of light energy through the upper layers of skin to target the unwanted ink pigments trapped in your skin’s dermal layer. Each pulse of the laser is absorbed by the ink particles, causing them to instantly shatter into tiny fragmented pieces. Your body’s immune system naturally removes the ink particles through the lymphatic system over the weeks following each treatment.

The laser shatters more ink with each session, starting with the shallowest layers of ink and working deeper into the skin until no ink is visible. Almost all patients need multiple treatments in order to see complete removal of their tattoo. The number of treatments needed is specific to each patient and their tattoo. Aesthetic Envy uses a variety of factors to determine the number of treatments that are specific to your needs. Our Astanza Trinity is designed to eliminate more ink with each session, reducing the number of overall treatments needed!

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